Order Confirmation

  • Technical consultation

    Check and confirm about the specifications, model, configuration and other technical details.

  • Get quotation

    Get quotation about the prices, freight charge, payment term, stock availability, lead time and so on…

  • Confirm order

    Confirm the order, prepare the payment, provide delivery address,  contact person, delivery time etc..

How to Pay ?

  • Normally we will accept a minimum 10%~30% advance payment, while balance to be paid before delivery.
  • For flexible payments,  please check with our sales team to know more details.
  • You may choose to pay via multiple channels as shown in following.
Wire transfer

Wechat pay

How to ship ?

Fast delivery

Your order can be shipped within 1 working day.

More Shipping Options

  • We provide many shipping options,  you can choose a most suitable way to ship your goods.
  • You may also ship the goods under your DHL/FEDEX/… import account,  or via a designated shipping agent by your company.

DHL delivery

Express door-to-door delivery

DHL shipment
  •  For bulk shipment,  you may also choose to ship by air freight or by sea in order to reduce freight cost.

Air freight

By air

By sea

By sea