Technical Consultation

We help analyse your network composition, provide you optimized solutions for choosing suitable hardware & software based on the features and functions you desire within your budget.

Will help you manage all the details, including routing and switching needs, network security, wireless and united communication solutions, data center, software defined networking and management and so on.

Aftersale Support

24* 7 Services

  • Technical support  for 24 hours 7 days per week.

Online Support

  • When in need of any assitance,  customer can call up online guidance any time for solving technical issues.
  • Upon request,  an remote assistance by teamviewer can be conducted when necessary.

Online Support

Network engineer



1-Year Replacement Warranty

  • 1-year replacement warranty for all sold hardwares.  If there is a service agreement in validity with manufacturer,  the customers shall receive both support from the manufacturer and LONRISE at same time.   Dual guaranteed !
  • Time limit for dispatch.   From a RMA request was confirmed,  the replacing unit shall be dipatched with priority in maximum 3 days.  To reduce your lag time,  the shipment via DHL/Fedex Express will be first considered.
  • Round freight free.  The replacement will be done free of charge,  the round freight charge will be born by LONRISE only.
  • Carefree.    No worries for all the complex for returning the defective unit,  Lonrise will arrange a pickup by DHL/Fedex remotely and bring it back on our expense.

1-Year Software Support

During the warranty,  upon request,  we could provide free software update and other services.